The EU Framework implied that all the problems of the Roma would be solved if their economic situation were to be improved through access to education, employment, housing, and health care. It is important to look at how women and girls are present in Roma integration strategies for two major reasons. find more at First, as mentioned above, they face multiple forms of economic, political, and social discrimination. Therefore, any national strategy that aims to improve the situation of the marginalized Roma communities must address the issues women and girls face. Second, the still unequal participation of women in decision-making processes leads to an insufficient gender-sensitive perspective in policy. Therefore, the development of policies and programs for women often do not fully reflect their needs and experiences.

  • Despite living in a predominantly Roman Catholic country, Hungarian women have retained much of their traditional culture and values.
  • The recommended age of first BSE was rightly recognized in 38.8% and 51.2% by laywomen and screening attendees, respectively (Fig.1).
  • However, instead of acknowledging the fact that racism and systematic oppression has an equal or even much greater role in the removal of Roma children from their homes, the strategy puts the emphasis on the responsibility of Roma parents and their mistreatment of children.
  • It argued that gendered factors such as women taking care of the whole household, raising children, and being under pressure to marry are common in Roma culture and traditions.
  • In the case of the Roma, this share is 81 percent on average in the surveyed countries while in Hungary it is 98 percent.

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However, the reality is that Roma people do not have full access to fundamental rights and face serious obstacles in this regard. Even though the EU Framework acknowledged that the member states should make sure that Roma enjoy the same rights as others, it lacked a discussion about what the specific responsibilities the member states have. Moreover, the document is completely silent about racism and how it has become an integral part of European structures, including the European Union. While the new EU strategic framework includes many novelties, the new Hungarian strategy does not improve the previous one much. The main goal remains to tackle poverty and to reduce the disadvantages faced by poor people, while it is also stated that there will be more emphasis on climate change, mental health, digitalization, and cross-border cooperation.

We used the χ2 test with Z test to reveal the association between participation in screening and knowledge of timing of BC screening. In multivariate analysis, we used logistic regression with a probability of 95% with explanatory variables including age, education, and place of residency to examine the association between the sociodemographic characteristics and the dichotomous outcomes. Followed by a set of 16 questions regarding knowledge of BC and BC screening, including multiple-choice questions about information sources. In terms of signs and symptoms of BC, respondents indicating correctly at least 5 options of the 8 given were considered to have sufficient knowledge. In terms of risk factors of BC, respondents indicating correctly at least 2 options and incorrectly maximum 1 option of 21 given were considered to have sufficient knowledge. Many times, non-Roma social and public workers discriminate against Roma families and remove children even when the financial situation, parental mistreatment, and living conditions could be improved with the help of social workers, doctors, teachers, and local authorities.

The Hungarian lady was the first to call the world’s attention to the duty of caring for wounded soldiers and was highly respected in the United States of America during her lifetime. Zsuzsanna Kossuth’s patriotism, moral uprightness, selflessness, and humanity can serve as an example for today’s age. She was a Hungarian educational reformer, pacifist, and women’s rights activist.

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On Sunday, he announced a number of measures to support larger families in addition to the lifetime income tax break for women with more than four children. He also promised favourable mortgage terms for families with multiple children, support for families with three or more children to buy a car, and increased funding for daycare centres and kindergartens. As the prime minister spoke, anti-Orbán protesters gathered in Budapest for the latest in a series of rallies against the government which began in December after parliament passed a “slave law” allowing employers to demand more overtime from workers.

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Hungary is a good case study for how gender has been taken into account in a national Roma integration strategy in the EU. It has one of the largest Roma populations in the EU, with Roma people having lived in and contributed to the country for centuries. In the past 12 years, Hungary has also become one of the most conservative and anti-Roma countries in Europe—paradoxically as it has expressed the commitment to improving the wellbeing of its Roma population in all fields of life. Beside the increase of anti-gypsyism in the country, anti-gender sentiments have been also appeared more and more frequently in the past decade. This has been reflected in the banning of gender studies and in anti-LGBTQA+ policies and measures, among other developments, since 2010, when the governing Fidesz party started to turn Hungary into an increasingly fascist state. This has happened as the same time as gender equality has become a top priority to the EU.

These women inspire other women to engage in any sectors they may be interested in, whether economic, political, or social. Thanks to their talent and perseverance, Hungary women have achieved some kindlutionary healthcare, education, and scientific research. Preventing and combating various forms of violence against Roma women and girls.

There was no mention, though, of how racism, anti-gypsyism, and bad economic circumstances lead to gendered roles, which makes the argument weak and unreliable. This approach does not only ignore how anti-gypsyism and its negative effects reinforce certain gender roles in different communities; it also ignores the fact that there are many Roma girls and women who do not want to live in heterosexual relationships and resist gendered roles. However, there was no indication in it of how to tackle issues that leads to low educational performance, such as systematic oppression and challenging patriarchal structures among other things.

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From analyzing the problems faced by the community, they started to work on how existing instruments could be more effective and how the situation of the Roma could be improved through employment, education, health, cultural, youth, and social integration policies. Moreover, different non-discrimination and Roma-specific trainings were carried out for legal practitioners working at the European Commission.